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A great reading experience

Feedbin combines a clean UI, world-class typography, and themes for optimal reading enjoyment


Reading is something that demands your full attention. Use the immersive full screen mode to bring the content you care about front and center.


A great font helps content come to life. Select from a diverse group of hand-picked fonts designed by Hoefler & Co.

Ideal Sans


Choose a theme that's most comfortable for your eyes. The light theme is vibrant and crisp while the dark theme can be great when there's less ambient light in the room.

Organization, Sharing & Discovery

Take control of your reading before it takes control of you


Tags are perfect for grouping related feeds. You can create as many tags as you need and even apply multiple tags to a single feed.


Actions help you manage incoming articles. Using actions, you can automatically star, mark as read or send a push notification on the articles you want.


Search helps you find what your looking for. If there's something you're searching for frequently you can used saved searches and the results will always be a click away.


Configurable sharing and read-it-later services let you decide what services you want to use. With built-in support for all of the most popular services out there.

Recently Read

Know you just read something but can't remember where it was from? Recently Read can help by maintaining a history of just the articles you've actually read.


Readability is perfect for feeds that only provide a summary or link-blogs. It gets the content for you so you can keep reading without leaving Feedbin.

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