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Reeder iphone 1f126fac3fe0c373df93c8a1dc1bf47f1cb22c5b1b4999a679d7f822b2a365be

Reeder 2

By Silvio Rizzi

Reeder is a RSS reader and client for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, and Readability.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Unread iphone 1136ed281fcc08f3c22d79e476bec0b0779b0a51ed245002cabd61c2adb9b05a


By Supertop

Rediscover the joy of reading your favorite writers with Unread, an RSS reader for iPhone.

Available for iPhone and iPad

Press android 72de07af9a3a196f509b47a151bd853547deecc84a22d2b8339ca86256ce978d


By TwentyFive Squares

Press is a simple and elegant RSS client for popular syncing services. It’s fast and clean, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite news.

Available for Android

Mr reader ipad b93e3177bc59a41c2fb56556a4ce5d407b246abb29c6752aa358b7a17bdb08f5

Mr. Reader

By Oliver Fürniß

Mr. Reader is a RSS News Reader for your iPad that synchronizes with Feedbin, Feedly, BazQux Reader, FeedHQ, Feed Wrangler and Fever.

Available for iPad

Readkit mac c17e0b04ee3c1cf8a94048aae200496506c2258fc7991caffae91bf2d5d106d4


By Balazs Varkonyi

ReadKit is a full-featured read later and RSS client that supports many services and has built-in RSS capabilities.

Available for Mac

Slow feeds iphone 238de340f310ce86a79a7526700662719e81bef4868dd053de04aca87ac19ba0

Slow Feeds

By Stefan Pauwels

Rediscover your feeds with this unique and smart RSS client for iOS.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Leaf mac 9f122ba4c7b21cae69ed09dbfdafc83a73a7141fb1c2262a911da21b46282a43


By Rocky Sand Studio

Leaf is an amazing news reader dedicated to help you enjoy your daily news. Read, share, star and search your articles by using a smooth, clean and intuitive interface.

Available for Mac

Newsflow mac 696cafd84e439d819e656ec98f237ca747f16f02aa093a2a38e7ab08d79eb2a7


By Rocky Sand Studio

Newsflow brings news from all of your favourite websites right to your desktop. Enjoy your articles in a fast, fluent and highly customizable news reader.

Available for Mac

Onereader iphone 0c8ee650c1b48068c5ef4ae59a1c6dbbaec49d8e48ba3b7ad9f10a7d96675513


By Information Addicts

The fast all-in-one news reader! Receive news articles from across all of your favorite news and social networking platforms in one place.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Aradais reader iphone 937b753a01cba63a5de191a49528eceaf06f7de641805cb151b301131e8fae26

Aradais Reader

By Aradais Corporation

Aradais Reader is a RSS reader for iPhone and iPad with a clean, gesture-based UI.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Good news iphone 59aa7f67121d4b2dbd55d90a61e0aaff496e21c17ee6d6ffb07b1107910666f3

Good News

By Michal Piotrowski

Fast, Clean and Simple RSS Reader.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Faast iphone 73deda0aa1818af05c31e219015882bc8eaf6605a9f2d4404be71833c07b378c


By Fabien Penso

Faast is a iOS7 optimized application for your iOS devices. It instantly delivers push notifications from RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Emails.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Fiery rss iphone 0fb17937d708221b40e15a00763f1ca2d137dceb4136395d1682ee2d1e3fe53b


By Lukas Burgstaller

Fiery is a multi-account RSS client designed for iOS 7.

Available for iPhone, iPad

Newsfeeds iphone e3acdb456cca3c74a4d7069f39e945df59955c833e859822d31ef4ded41a44da


By Josh Williams

NewsFeeds is a simple yet powerful RSS client for FeedBin and FeedWrangler.

Available for iPhone

Favs iphone 8f5e7f46ab8f75d371bdc1ff5f2da0f740caa997153a60f6703791e3b2e69741


By Dirk Holtwick

The app for your likes, stars, social bookmarks and favorites.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Readlines iphone 198edc86339087f800f004d9fc315805871b78bd85a6d20d00d84dc7903eacb6

Readlines for Feedbin

By Concept Cache LLC

Minimalist RSS reader that syncs with your Feedbin account. It simply displays a random headline from your unread items.

Available for iPhone

Bulletin iphone 99b1f5cafe78d044fba12a00ee7ed81e31226e464c81cd59b6f64165460e4709

Bulletin for Feedbin

By Concept Cache LLC

Read all of the latest news from your Feedbin account while on the move. Bulletin allows you to carry up to 1,000 unread items on your device.

Available for iPhone

News plus android db4093a915d5b009457555a4641a0afe88749a5454597be2496158db824e8dc6


By noinnion

From the creators of gReader. A customizable aggregator with the goal of creating a news reader with the best possible reading experience. You will need the Feedbin extension.

Available for Android

Binfeed android 2e8dc6d7fea496b51f11ae77180755590497315e6d2aa0ccee56920d3f74d38e


By 2fast2fourier

Feedbin App for Android

Available for Android

Feedbin reader android f4a452fc02085de54b87e83aee7c452210338ab6f94a23b124e5927a1aa1abaf

Feedbin Reader BETA

By Guillaume BOUERAT

Beta version lets you read your RSS feeds offline after you have synchronized them.

Available for Android

Deer reader android fb98a13bb117cfd49d1271acdaebb0f0dce28c7e3130824ea062eff72abd03fc

Deer Reader

By Reindeer Crafts

Deer Reader is a nice RSS client.

Available for Android

Listener launcher android ebd0de5731116e5fbc8ad505fe3af9ad87a49145ce978240b776f0beb4576261

Listener Launcher

By piaci.mosca

Alternative launcher that puts a variety of information on your home screen including RSS feeds.

Available for Android

Irss mac b661364dea7a8d397d75e585fda487f13de6aae1d5aec7861e7e518721cd0c87


By Huan Tang

iRSS is a RSS Reader designed for experienced users.

Available for Mac

Tafiti windows eddbc372dc8fa0163fa6f67fdab343dc6eb3f6d059bdbe7305b7a3ef3bb3f459


By Sameer Vartak

Tafiti is a new take on news reading on Windows! It's simple and clean user interface makes news reading a delightful experience.

Available for Windows 8, Windows RT

Metroreader windows 36e6a298faa49471063ba35d6874b7a7c830d2cc43d4aebac54b7ab15848e8e9

MetroReader for Feedbin

By Shane Gowland

A metro style Feedbin client for the Windows desktop.

Available for Windows