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Feedbin is the best way to consume content on the Web. By combining RSS, Twitter, and newsletters, you can get all the good parts of the Web in one convenient location.

The primary goal of Feedbin is to provide a great reading experience. There are no ads, no distractions and no bullshit. Just the content you care about.

Our customers are also our users. This lets us focus on making the best product possible and gives customers peace-of-mind that their data is not being mined, analyzed and sold.

Ben Ubois

I’m passionate about product development, software and the open web. I created Feedbin so that I could read my feeds all day at work.

Todd J. Collins

Customers love Feedbin

We have put a lot of care into building Feedbin over the years and love hearing how much people enjoy it.

Dan Mills @danmills7

.@feedbin did you see your newest endorsement?

Paul Biba @paulkbiba

@feedbin Many thanaks for your invaluable service. I've been a member since you started and you have been a reliable friend who allows me to keep my ebook news stream running without a hitch. Wish you the best in the year to come.

David Baker @davvidbaker

@Changelog #240 => 2 week @feedbin free trial => 💸Feedbin Customer💸#RSSResurgence #SupportOpenSource

Maarten den Braber @mdbraber

Linking my e-mail newsletters to RSS via @feedbin has been great for discovering interesting content. Recommended!

Carl Mercier @cmercier

Just discovered @feedbin. Awesome, on BS web RSS reader. The UI is clean, simple and straightforward. Great work guys!

mp3sii @mp3sii

@feedbin thanks for your good work and enhancements ... If there is one service that i cannot live without, is yours. Thans

Lindsey @MySimpleSparkle

How do I keep up with 60-70 blogs? @Feedbin! My favorite blog/RSS feed! Check it out:

Luis Villa @luis_in_140

@feedbin 🤩😍🎆🎇 etc. Can't wait to experiment a bit with this; something I've wanted for a long time.

Romain Dillet 🙃 @romaindillet

@feedbin I <3 you

William Turrell @williamt

I think @feedbin deserves a plug: a single-developer maintained, Google-Reader replacement that's worked flawlessly for almost three years.

Elliot Hughes @ElliotJH

Returning to @feedbin having not used it for a while. It is really good.

Jowanza Joseph @Jowanza

Also, recommend @feedbin for RSS management.

Axel Rauschmayer @rauschma

I couldn’t live without RSS! I use @feedbin to get a fine-tuned stream of blog posts. My main source of news. For me, RSS/Atom makes blogs competitive with social media.

Greg Smith @elmnt

@feedbin One of my favorite web apps. Use it every day, all day. Clean & simple. Thanks for the great work.

Carl Blakemore @blake770

I've enjoyed my trial with @feedbin so much, I ended up paying for service for a year. So much better!

Florian Eckerstorfer 🦖 @Florian_

Shoutout to @feedbin, because its web app is better than any native feed reader for OS X I have found.

Nick Grossman @nickgrossman

RSS is amazing. There is so much good stuff in my reader. I don’t know why I’m not in there very single day. thanks @feedbin @25squares

Ben Smith @bensmithuk

My subscription for @feedbin just renewed - a service I'm very happy to pay for.

Joseph Rooks @JosephRooks

OK @FeedBin, you've got my $3 a month. Thank you for making tagging so simple.

Ilya Sukhar @ilyasu

Apps I've recently started using daily: Feedbin, Productive, 2Do.

Roman Serazhiev @romanserazhiev

Design of web UI if @feedbin is so good I don’t want to use any of the apps to view the feeds. 1-year subscription paid in a heartbeat.

Scott M @macdonaldster

@feedbin I've been looking for a good Android app but then I just added to my homescreen. Your mobile site is so good it turns out to be the"best app"! One more reason it's the perfect way to read your feed.

Warren Pena @WarrenPena

@feedbin Just renewed for yet another year, and I never even considered not renewing. You’re doing a great job.

Maarten den Braber @mdbraber

Switched from @feedly to @feedbin and now I can also read my email newsletters as RSS and filter feeds too. Awesome! @jplattel @pvantees

Rian van der Merwe @RianVDM

@feedbin Oh wow, that looks great! Switched away from Reeder because it's such a nice experience. Well done!

Jeff Benjamin @JeffBenjam

I reviewed @bsaid’s excellent Feedbin Notifier. So good. It’s easily my favorite Apple Watch app thus far.

fellowweb @fellowweb

Probably true: "@Feedbin is the Best Way to Read Twitter" 😄

Ricardo SIGNES @rjbs

As long as I'm trying to sell a friend on @feedbin, allow me to sell the rest of you at a go: it's really good and I never think about it.

Stephen Simpson @_stevesimpson

This is such an awesome feature!

Pedro Dias @pedrodias

This is why I love @feedbin Beside the awesome clean and highly readable interface, I can easily get a diff on what has been changed in any article.

digitales @digitales

I love how @feedbin is still innovating new uses for RSS:

Techora @techora

@feedbin Awesome. Thank you again, the service you provide is the best!

Tyler Sticka @tylersticka

Random shout-out to some web apps I happily pay for because they're awesome: @todoist @ynab @CodePen @feedbin ❤️

Reda Lemeden @kaishin

I had no idea that @feedbin was open source. I love the service even more now.

David R. MacIver @DRMacIver

Actually might as well remind the rest of you too: If you're still pining for the Google Reader days, just use @feedbin. It's great.

Brian Doll @briandoll

Using @feedbin to view the complete archive of the @ReifyWorks blog because of course you can't actually do that on Medium dot com

Andy Soell @amsoell

@feedbin You guys are the best, thanks for doing everything you do!

Stuart Robson @StuRobson

that’s my @feedbin account paid for another year. RSS ain’t dead t’me.

Junior-Class Elder-Nerd, Wanderer of the Cosmos @dotHTM

This service just keeps getting more awesome. I love @feedbin

Václav Slavík @vslavik

@feedbin I had no idea I wanted this, but now that you’ve built it, I very much do. You’re incredible!

Simon Fincham @danio1972

@feedbin My renewal is coming up (as I am sure many Users are..) I would say there is zero chance of my NOT renewing; you guys are superb!

William Lubelski @williamlubelski

Just realized I've been using (and paying for) @feedbin for 5 years. what a spectacularly simple product and excellent app.

Charles Thomas @charleshthomas

@feedbin is great, cheap, and keeps adding features. I can not recommend enough #rss

Tyler Sticka @tylersticka

Started using @feedbin yesterday and already in love. Also switched back to @instapaper and digging that, too.

Zarino Zappia @zarino

@Tarendai I’ve been a @feedbin customer for 2 years, and still love it.

Friends Talk Frontend 🎙 @ftfpod

Oooh you can listen to podcasts on @feedbin 😍😉

J⃝O⃝E⃝ Fabisevich 🐶🐯🇵🇷🐱🐳™ @mergesort

I already loved @feedbin before this and don’t have enough 😍😍😍 emoji on my keyboard for them after.

Kevin Spencer @kevin_spencer

Happy Feedbin customer for my RSS feeds and now they’ve got an interesting take on consuming Twitter.

Knox North @newtronic

@feedbin Wow, the ability for Feedbin to combine RSS and Twitter is a great feature! Two thumbs up!

Geekfried™ @Geekfried

Switched back to @feedbin from my self Hosted Fever due to nice Improvements and constant Work. Keep on! :)

Eliah @eliah

@feedbin I just wanted to say thanks, I use Feedbin every day and it is one of the most reliable, "just works" services I've ever used. ❤

Raymond Brigleb @brigleb

My favorite Mac news reader is @feedbin in Safari. It’s amazingly well done. Great service too.

Troy Davis @troyd

I've been beta-testing this and it's fantastic. between this, Feedbin's UI, nice touches like optional auto-loading of attached URLs (never click "More" again…), and their customer support, I couldn't be happier with Feedbin

Robert Williams @clientgiantrob

@feedbin really like the app guys, please don't change anything on me :)

Alek Jedliński @anommal

The best RSS reader: @feedbin . Try as I might to find anything comparable, nothing comes close. Three column layout is sweet as well :)

Daniel H. @dahanbn

Still the best Google Reader successor. Love that @feedbin continually is improving. #RSS

Isaac Halvorson 👨🏻‍💻 @hisaac

@feedbin Thank you for your hard work! Feedbin is so essential!

Marcos Wright-Kuhns @metavida

Feedbin continues to rock it!

Martin Kopischke @kopischke

.@feedbin’s actions are probably the most underrated feature of all RSS aggregators. Simple, smart, useful.

🌺 𝓚𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓮 @oic

After depending on Fever for my RSS feeds for years, I am only a day into my @feedbin free trial and I’m sold. #sofast #subscribingnow

Marty Day @martyfnday

Giving @feedbin a spin as my RSS reader. The hamburger icon grabbed my interest, the sweet web app experience kept it.

Troy Davis @troyd

I've been a happy @Feedbin customer for years and it's exactly what this person says. It just works and stays out of the way.

Hendrik Mans 🇪🇺 @hmans

Thank you, @feedbin, for focusing on being useful, instead of growthhacking the crap out of your users through social shenanigans no-one really needs.

David R. MacIver @DRMacIver

Setting up my @feedbin account as a forwarding address in gmail has been great. So many more things I can read in RSS now.

Ricardo SIGNES @rjbs

@feedbin Thanks for the info. And thanks for running a service that I can mostly enjoy without thinking about! \o/

Axel Rauschmayer @rauschma

As a reader, I still love blogs and RSS/Atom. I’m a happy (paying) customer of @feedbin.

Dan Mills @danmills7

. @feedbin really is the best #rss feed manager there is, because it does so much more than manage your RSS feeds. #twitter content and #newsletters

Andrew Evans @agius

Just want to compliment @feedbin - used it for years now. Always works great. Social networks are NOT an RSS replacement. Thanks y’all! 🙏

Josh Centers @jcenters

There are lots of good alternatives. I wrote about many of them. I switched to @feedbin and never missed Google Reader. If you gave up on RSS, that’s on you.

Raymond Brigleb @brigleb

I have been nothing but pleased with @feedbin. If you still like RSS, try it. Simple, nicely designed, solid.

Mihnea Miculescu @Mihnea

I think I'm back into RSS, after neglecting it for some time. And @feedbin is pretty cool for that.

VG @victoorgs

four years with @feedbin :D

Hendrik Mans 🇪🇺 @hmans

I love you, @feedbin

Nicolas Rollier @nrollr

Extended my @feedbin subscription, along with @reederapp still the best RSS reader combo you can find out there..

Oliver Andrich 🇪🇺 @oliverandrich

I completely switched from @reederapp to the @feedbin web app. Somehow it works much better for me.

Stuart Robson @StuRobson

@xzyfer I’ve been using and extremely happy with @feedbin since its inception ~ years ago

Frederic Jacobs @FredericJacobs

I've moved to @FeedBin as my RSS reader/syncing service. Loving the "indie" feel to it. On another note, RSS is underrated.

Eric @ericbeasley

Another another great year of @feedbin coming my way.

Rian van der Merwe @RianVDM

Happy 2-year anniversary to @feedbin, an unassuming, extremely valuable, behind-the-scenes service that I happily pay for. 🎉

TEAGS @teags

1 week of using @feedbin and I'm hella impressed. "Updated" is an amazing and new articles appear pretty much instantly!

Allan Lasser @allanlasser

@feedbin you're the best, keep up the great work

Kirby Witmer @iusewindows

I've been using @feedbin ever since Google Reader disappeared. A great service that keeps getting better! It's the best service for RSS!

Angelo Stavrow @AngeloStavrow

Finally got around to moving all newsletters out of my inbox and into @feedbin. I love this feature!

Lex Friedman @lexfri

@ismh My favorite RSS app is Feedbin’s website in a Fluid-powered SSB. 💖

SE @sier

Just realized I have now been a @feedbin customer for almost 3 1/2 years

Jim Cloudman @JimCloudman

Really liking @FeedBin. It's an extremely well-done web-based RSS reader; I love the UI and feature set.

Jan Martinek @endlife

♥ Just discovered feed activity sparklines in @feedbin feeds settings. Love it! Exactly the information I needed there. ♥ #rss #ui #viz #ux

Brian Doll @briandoll

Own your news feed. @feedbin is awesome: I'm addicted to the "Changed" view, which shows highlighted diffs on posts

Mike Perham @mperham

Year three with @Feedbin since Google Reader shut down. Couldn't be happier; an awesome service!

mangochutney 📎 @mangochutney

** hugs @feedbin ** It's my favourite RSS aggregator by a light year. The filtering feature alone is worth the miniscule fee they charge.

Ravi Shanker @ravishanker_

Great! JUST GREAT! Now i’ll be spending all my time in Feedbin 👍🏽 @Dublin_ie

We use @feedbin to monitor sites producing content about #dublin, so we can link to the best stories daily #ourcouncilday @tullyhansen

Your irregular reminder that @feedbin is twice the RSS reader Reader ever was, highly recommended:

Thomas R. Hall @trhall

Been using @feedbin since it came out. Continues to impress. Best Google Reader replacement for me.

Justin Goldberg @iamjustin

Just discovered I’ve been using @feedbin for 3 years. Best couple bucks I spend a month.

Stuart Robson @StuRobson

I’ve just happily paid for another year (year four) subscription to @feedbin. RSS is dead, right?

Kyle E. Mitchell @kemitchell

Most bills I have to pay. @fastmailfm and @feedbin I like to pay.

David R. MacIver @DRMacIver

In general I am extremely happy with @feedbin and consider them an improvement on Google Reader. Strongly recommend using them.