Starred Entry Feed

by Ben Ubois

There is now an optional RSS feed of your starred items available. To enable it, visit your settings page and check the “Enable starred entry feed” option. After saving your settings a link to your starred RSS feed will be displayed.

The URL will look something like the part at the end is a unique random value assigned to your feed. The URL to your starred feed is not easily guessable, but anyone with your URL can view your feed.

I use this feed to automatically add starred entries to Pinboard. You can do this too using IFTTT. To set this up you’ll want to create a new “Feed” recipe.

  • Under “Choose a Trigger” select “New feed item”.
  • Under “Feed URL” Enter your starred entries URL.
  • Select Pinboard as your action channel.
  • In the “Complete Action Fields” form I use these settings
    • URL: {{EntryUrl}}
    • Description {{EntryTitle}}

Now any new entries you star will show up in Pinboard. IFTTT offers many other actions you can perform on an RSS feed so I encourage you to check it out.