Feedbin Server Move

by Ben Ubois

Tomorrow Feedbin will be moving to a new home at SoftLayer. Feedbin will be down from 9:00AM PDT - 3:00PM PDT.

Over the past week the traffic has been going up and performance has been going down. It’s been crazy trying to keep up over the last 3.5 months and this move will bring some much needed power and flexibility.

The new setup is going to be great. I’ll have more details about how I’ve been spending your money in another post, but there will be a total of 21 servers powering the new architecture (6 bare metal, 15 cloud) with some really high performance hardware.

The new setup has been running beautifully as a staging server for the past few days. The downtime tomorrow is to do the final database transfer from the current host to the new host. Running both systems at once could cause some issues with data loss so I’m taking the safe route by turning the site off completely.

Feedbin is built on paying customers and I really appreciate your support and patience. Thanks to you Feedbin has been profitable since three weeks in and will be able to stick around for a while.

Please contact me by email or on Twitter if you have any questions.