Major Sharing/Read-it-Later Upgrade

by Ben Ubois

Twitter and Facebook are often cited as the reason for the decline in RSS usage. Where does content originate though? Right where it always has: on blogs and websites that probably have an RSS feed.

To help RSS become the ideal medium to find useful/interesting/funny stuff to share with friends or save for later, Feedbin now makes it easier than ever to integrate with other services.

You can configure these new service integrations on the Sharing page under Settings.

Here’s what’s new.


For Instapaper, Pocket and Readability, saving for later is now a two click operation (one with the new keyboard shortcuts).

There’s also an option to send an article to Kindle. While Kindle isn’t really a Read-it-later service, it can be used in this way. In the background Feedbin builds an e-book complete with any images present in the article and emails it to your private Kindle email address.

Evernote and Pinboard

Feedbin’s Evernote integration makes it so you can save articles directly from Feedbin to Evernote. You can edit the title, specify tags and even select which notebook to save to.

With Pinboard you can add a title, description, tags and private/read later options, all from within Feedbin.


If you have a Tumblr website, Feedbin gives you the option to create Link posts of the article you are reading.


You can email the full article to a friend and even add a comment.


Twitter and Facebook sharing options give you the standard sharing popup provided by these services.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The sharing options you have configured are now keyboard accessible using the number keys 1 – 9.

Please get in touch if you have suggestions for other services you would like to see.