Subscribe to Email Newsletters in Feedbin

by Ben Ubois

You can now receive email newsletters in Feedbin.

Newsletter Subscriptions

To use this feature, go to the settings page and find your secret Feedbin email address. Use this email address whenever you sign up for an email newsletter. Anything sent to it will show up as a feed in Feedbin, grouped by sender.

Reading email in an email app feels like work to me. However, there’s a certain class of email that I want to enjoy reading, and Feedbin is where I go when I want to read for pleasure.

For example, many great websites offer subscription content, usually with an email newsletter component. Not only do I enjoy the premium content from these sites, but I believe this a great way forward for people to support writers. Personally I have paid subscriptions to four of these including:

This feature is also great for mailing lists and product announcement emails and since it’s just a regular feed, it will sync with your favorite native app as well.