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by Ben Ubois

Feedbin supports posting to directly.

If you’re not familiar with, here’s how its creator, Manton Reece, describes it:

A network of independent microblogs. Short posts like tweets but on your own web site that you control. is a safe community for microblogs. A timeline to follow friends and discover new posts. Hosting built on open standards.

The experience of using is like the early days of Twitter, in all the best ways. is good for blogging, because it acts as sort of gateway-drug into that habit. Say you start off just using it for Twitter-like microposts, but then you realize you have more you want to say. detects the length of your post and prompts you to add a title, turning that post into a full-fledged blog post.

The closest service that I can think of is However, is different in important ways.

  • Manton has a unique perspective and vision.
  • It is not VC backed, so there’s no pressure to maximize returns. Instead, it can focus on being the best possible product.
  • It has fewer employees. In order for to succeed it doesn’t need to support a whole company, it just needs to support Manton.

You can activate it on Feedbin’s Share & Save settings page. You’ll need an app token from your account page.