Three Columns

by Ben Ubois

There’s an update out today that changes and improves a few things about how Feedbin works. There’s a visual refresh as well. The idea is three unbounded columns that appear to scroll indefinitely.

  1. Universal edit button. Each source now has a consistent editing interface. You can use edit for renaming, tagging, unsubscribing and deleting. Just about everything you can do to a source can now be accomplished using the edit button. The new edit interface makes everything easily accessible on mobile as well.

  2. Grouped sections. The new section headers for Searches, Tags and Feeds help differentiate the types of sources. This helps to reduce clutter as the number of sources in Feedbin increases.

  3. View mode. The control to switch between Unread, Starred, and All view modes is now a dropdown list. This change makes it very clear what you are viewing at all times.

    There’s an improvement in behavior here as well. When switching between modes, your currently selected feed will be updated to reflect the chosen mode. For example if you’re viewing a tag called Favorites under Unread and you switch to Starred, the middle column will immediately update to show just the starred articles under Favorites.