Save Webpages to Read Later

by Ben Ubois

Feedbin now has a read later feature. This enables you to send articles and webpages from anywhere and have them appear alongside your feeds, email newsletters and Twitter subscriptions. It’s called Pages.

There are two ways to get started:

  1. The Feedbin app. If you downloaded the app, then surprise, there’s already an action extension on your device for sending content to Feedbin. It can be enabled in the share menu by scrolling to the end of the bottom row of icons and tapping More. It’s called Send to Feedbin.
  2. For all other devices/browsers there’s a bookmarklet available in settings. Drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. Then click it whenever you’re on a page you want to send to Feedbin.

Pages works like a regular feed, so anything that gets sent to it will sync to any client you use with Feedbin.

Finally, Pages helps preserve the content you send to it. Whenever possible, Feedbin will download any images it can find in the content. That way if the images are ever moved or removed, Feedbin can automatically serve the archived images.