Airshow 2.0

by Ben Ubois

Airshow 2.0, Feedbin’s podcast app for iPhone and iPad, is out now.

This release aims to address all the most common feature requests and some surprises. This includes:

  • Playlists: Airshow takes a streamlined approach to playlists. Most podcast players make playlist management in the same style as a music playlist. You subscribe to some shows, then you create a playlist separately.

    However podcasts are different. You typically only listen to an episode one time, so there’s no need to manage playlists separately. Instead, Airshow lets you choose or create a playlist when subscribing to the show, making it a one step process to add a new show to a playlist.

  • Speed Controls: People really like listening to podcasts faster than real-time.

  • Sleep Timers: Another common request, now available right on the player screen.

  • Download Manager: See and manage your downloads in one place. This is also helpful for surfacing download errors.

  • Mini Player: This makes it possible to see what’s playing and control playback from anywhere in the app.

  • More Chapter Art: Chapter specific artwork is now displayed on the lock screen during playback.